If you have something that needs to be proofread or edited, whoever you may be, then I'm here to help you.

Do you have a problem with apostrophes? Not sure how many commas you need in that first sentence? Colons and their meaner, smaller semicolon brothers got you backed into a corner? Sections of your essay or book just not fitting together?

I will spruce up your written English so it's more readable and ready for whatever you need; be that publication for your book, better sales from your website copy, better grades for your essays or more conversions from your marketing landers – or anything else you have in mind! I'm looking forward to working with you; I invite you to get in touch with me now.

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Rebecca's work has been a lifesaver.

I run one of the UK's biggest single origin coffee companies, Has Bean, but I am the first to admit my writing skills aren't very good.
Each of our coffees has a detailed individual description including tasting notes and, often, information on the farm where it's grown. Rebecca makes those descriptions sound better and much more readable. She takes what I originally publish and sends me back a version that's far more grammatically correct than mine. She rearranges sentences to make better sense and generally fixes things!

- Stephen Leighton, Director of Has Bean Coffee.

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I can't recommend her highly enough, and she saved me a lot of time.

I'm a working author. My job isn't just writing: I have to manage various stages in my books' publication life cycle. And when working on a series of books, it really helps to keep track of what I've already written.
One of my ongoing jobs is a series of novels I've been working on since 2002 (here's the first). Keeping track of a million words of text and thirty major characters over a decade is really challenging. So as I got ready to tackle book 7 in the series, I hired Rebecca Judd to help me with a major chore: importing and reformatting the published text of the first six books into my current working environment (an author's workbench called Scrivener), cross-referencing and tagging every scene and character to make it easily searchable.

- Charles Stross, award-winning and bestselling science fiction author.

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... although I am a professional writer myself, with seven books under my belt, I feel my own writing and editing abilities are not as good as Ms. Judd’s.

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Rebecca Judd, who has volunteered in extraordinary fashion for the world’s largest online course on learning, “Learning How to Learn,” sponsored through Coursera and the University of California, San Diego. This class, which has had over 325,000 students in its first two sessions, is an enormously complex enterprise. Ms. Judd’s superlative leadership efforts have been invaluable in making the course a success.
Ms. Judd’s participation when she took the course in the first session was so exceptional that I asked if she might be willing to serve as a Senior TA for the course in its second session. As Senior TA, Rebecca took charge of soliciting new TAs (some 35 TAs were ultimately needed for the course); managing the TAs; helping to draft as well as edit major emails and correspondence to the TAs and students (this was a particularly important duty, with emails going out at times to well over 100,000 students); and monitoring the forums and dealing with occasionally intractable students and difficult-to-resolve computer and internet issues.

 -Barbara Oakley, PhD, PE Vice President, Members, IEEE-Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Fellow, American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering
Professor of Engineering at Oakland University

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Rebecca is my spare brain.

Rebecca is my spare brain. Rather than let a manuscript sit idle for a couple of weeks then come back to it with fresh eyes, I send the thing over to her. She fixes all the embarrassing bloopers so I don't have to.
- M. Harold Page, historical adventure author and sword-fighting expert.

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Her sensitive approach ensures that personal writing style is left intact whilst genuine errors are flagged up and amended.

To date Rebecca has proofread two novels for me in preparation for submitting the work for review by industry professionals. Her sensitive approach ensures that personal writing style is left intact whilst genuine errors are flagged up and amended.
As a writer, retaining one’s personal voice is essential and finding an editor that is diligent enough to amend your work but aware enough to retain your style is something indeed to hold onto.
- Amy Roskilly, author seeking publication.

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In my perfect manuscript she found and corrected about 1000 errors, and the book is much stronger for her work.

I hired Rebecca to proof-read and edit my book, Swordfighting, before it went to layout. In my perfect manuscript she found and corrected about 1000 errors, and the book is much stronger for her work. She was reliable, professional, competent, and prices her work fairly. I'd definitely hire her again.
- Guy Windsor, historical swordsmanship expert and author.

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I am more than happy! You have become a critical part of my/Class Central's process.

I am more than happy! You have become a critical part of my/Class Central's process. I am able to write much faster because I know you can fix it. MOOC Report is read by 40,000 - 50,000 people every month, so it's very critical to Class Central's future and growth.”
- Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central.

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Rebecca knows more about grammar than Google ... Rebecca is very helpful, explains her thinking clearly and gives you options. She is always ready to listen, and to adapt her suggestions to what you want.
All Hail The Editor!

It’s a phrase I’ve heard banded about a lot. Usually in reference to my spelling, or tense, for some reason it’s always tense. A grammatical error is pointed out, followed by the statement; “it’s okay, the editor will sort that out for you.”

Well after several years of these comments I decided to go and find an editor. Rebecca Judd was recommended to me by a friend at my writers’ group and I let her loose on the first three chapters of my novel, telling myself they could only be improved by it.

Rebecca knows more about grammar than Google. That is pretty awesome.

If you are serious about writing, and want to iron out all the distracting, fiddly mistakes you never knew you were making then you need her help.


– Rory Smith, author seeking publication.
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What will YOU say?



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© Has Bean coffee and Becca Judd editing


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© Has Bean coffee and Becca Judd editing

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© Has Bean coffee and Becca Judd editing
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© Has Bean coffee and Becca Judd editing
© Guy Windsor and Becca Judd editing


I generally negotiate a quote with each client on a case-by-case basis, because each project has different needs. Your book, article or paper may need a copy-edit; another may need a type of proofreading.
However, the guidelines in the table below will give you some idea of what to expect for cost and services offered.
These prices reflect the fact that I'm an associate of the SfEP and aim to produce high quality work. The rates are based on the SfEP's recommended rates and the fact that I value accuracy and quality over haste.
Here are some examples of work you might send me under these guideline rates: novels, university or college essays, blogposts, website copy and so on.
I'll also consider taking on bespoke projects that require different work to that set out below: see Charles Stross' testimonial for one such example of a bespoke project. In these cases, fees will be negotiated and tailored specifically to the bespoke work required.
I maintain reliable and regular email communication for all clients as standard.

Light package
£9 / 1,000 words (~ $12 / €10.1)
Correcting grammar (lighter check)
Correcting syntax (lighter check)
Correcting spelling and typos – including checks for common word misspellings (lighter check)
Consistency corrections for your personal style
Looking for larger layout issues (e.g. tables/lists incorrectly formatted)
Spotting areas which may be missing content
Middle package
£11 / 1,000 words (~ $14.6 / €12.3)
Everything offered in the light package, and ...
More thorough grammar, syntax, typos and spelling check
Continuity corrections
Looking out for larger issues
Second read through
Heavy package
£15 / 1,000 words (~ $20 / €16.8)
Everything offered in the middle package, and ...
Suggesting structural changes - i.e. rearranging paragraphs to improve overall flow
Suggestions and feedback on personal style to improve future articles/writing

Rates based on GBP. The $ and € currency conversions shown in the table are current as of 23 November 2017, and they will be updated quarterly.


I invite you to contact me in one of three ways. Whichever you choose, I'll aim to get back to you within a working day.

So how can I help you? Drop me a line and let's get started.

1. Email me directly now

2. Use Twitter: send me a Tweet @Becca_Judd

3. Fill out the form below to email me.

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