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If you’re here, you might be thinking that you need an editor. If that’s the case then go here to get a quote or go here to see my offer of a free sample.


Or you might be wondering what I can do for you, or whether you need an editor at all.


Let me tell you a story.


Illustrated "O" to start the word "Once", in a storybook stylence upon a time, in a galaxy very close to you, I found a glaring, enormous plot hole in a story written by an author who’s just like you.

His entire whodunnit plot hinged on one critical, all-important conversation.

The problem?

The conversation didn’t actually take place.

conversation took place, but it did not contain the information that the entire plot rested upon.

Illustrated "s" to start the word "So".o. Later on we had two characters having a “eureka” moment when one told the other about an incriminating chat they’d had with someone else, except that said incriminating chat didn’t contain the crucial piece of information the characters “said” it did.


This huge inconsistency had been missed by multiple people who’d read the book before it had come to me for editing.

Now imagine it hadn’t come for editing; imagine that problem had been missed.

What happens?

Stylized "I" to start the word "Imagine".magine you’re the reader of that book, with its holey plot.

What do you feel?

Do you leaf back through the pages, spend twenty minutes checking your hunch that the plot doesn’t make sense, and then put the book down in a huff at the lost time and the nonsensical plot?

Do you decide this author isn’t worth puff, and make a mental note never to buy his books again?

Do you plod on with the plot, albeit now taking it a whole lot less seriously and maybe thinking of it as a so-bad-it’s-good comedy?

Maybe some combination of all those. Maybe worse.

Now imagine you’re that poor author who’s lovingly poured his life into that book. He can’t help that he’s missed that plot hole: he’s human. We make mistakes. Especially when you’re so close to something like the book you’re writing.

What can I do for you?

Stylized "T" to start the word "that's"hat’s what I can do for you. I spot the holes in your plot. The ones that, once the reader notices them, unravels the whole of the story and turns it into no more than a pile of disconnected threads. The ones that stop your readers from reading the rest of your lovingly-crafted story – or, worse, from reading your other books.

But of course not all books have that problem, and equally that’s not all I can do for you. Here are a few more highlights of what I do, each of which might apply to your book to a greater or lesser extent.

  • Got monsters in your written matter? I’ll hunt down grammar goblins, sentence snarks, and plot poltergeists.
  • Does writing dialogue bewilder you? I can de-bamboozle it.
  • Do you have a tendency to comma splices or run-on sentences? My red marker* is ready.
  • Are you just not sure about your spelling, or about passive vs. active voice? No worries, send me your manuscript and I’ll get to work.
  • Talking of voice, I won’t replace or destroy your authorial voice; I also won’t “rein in” your personal style. Like blood n’ gore in your books? Fine. Got a steamy, detailed sex scene (or several)? Got a deliberately stupid and unreliable narrator? Great. I won’t dial any of those – or similar – down. What I will do, so long as you’re happy with it, is suggest changes to sentences so that they flow or get your point across better.

So, it’s over to you.

Can I help you and your book avoid the Plot Hole of Doom, or other assorted goblins, bewilderment, and the general pricklier side of writing?

Are you just plain sick of the thought of your book, and try as you might you can’t quite bring yourself to re-read it to find the errors?

Let me make your life easier.

I invite you to get in touch with me now by dropping me a quick message using the button just below.

Unlike goblins, I don’t bite, and discussing your project with me won’t be a haunting experience. It’s also not a binding experience: chatting to me does not mean you have to hire me right away. We can decide on that further down the road.

Alternatively, if you’d like further information before you get in touch, scroll down just a little to see some testimonials and informative links. And after those, you’ll find a little something extra, just for you.

What have other authors had to say about my work?

Here are some excerpts; you can find their testimonials in full, as well as other testimonials, here.

“I can’t recommend her highly enough, and she saved me a lot of time.” Charles Stross, award-winning and bestselling science fiction author.

… although I am a professional writer myself, with seven books under my belt, I feel my own writing and editing abilities are not as good as Ms. Judd’s. – Professor Barbara Oakley, multi-published author and New York Times Best Seller, leader of the world’s biggest online learning class, and expert in several fields

Her sensitive approach ensures that personal writing style is left intact whilst genuine errors are flagged up and amended. – Amy Roskilly-Green, author in search of publication

“In my perfect manuscript she found and corrected about 1000 errors, and the book is much stronger for her work.” – Guy Windsor, historical swordsmanship expert and multi-published author

You might be thinking, “It’s all well and good for you to say you can improve my writing, but you have a vested interest in me spending money on editing, Becca, but…

Is it actually worth spending money on editing?

Yes. Here, have a read of this article that I wrote.

And for the sake of impartiality, have a read of this article and this post, neither of which were written by me.

Still not sure if you want to pay for your whole book to be edited?

That’s okay. I understand if you still feel like you’re traversing the murky Bog Of Editing, full of strange shadows, crazy chitters, and eyes everywhere, and if you feel like you don’t want to plunge on without knowing for sure what you’re getting yourself into.

So let me give you a guidebook to the local area.

Let me do a 1,000 word sample for you for free.

Simply click the button below to send me a quick, pre-written email, and I will get back to you. (You’re welcome to change the text of the email that comes up to add more detail about your project, if you like. It’s just pre-written like that to make requesting a sample edit as quick as possible for you.)

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